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Odyssey Charter School students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity in the manner in which they organize, present, and submit their work. All papers, projects, and assignments submitted by students must be original to the student who submitted the work, or must be properly cited.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, the actions stated below:


  • Copying materials from a textbook, the Internet, another student, or any resource and presenting it as one’s own work.

  • Collusion. Collusion means secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy with the intent to cheat or deceive others.

  • Taking unauthorized materials into an examination room regardless of whether the material is used or potentially contains information pertinent to the examination. Unauthorized materials include, but are not limited to, electronic devices other than a permitted calculator, notes, smart phones, etc.

  • Misconduct during an examination, including any attempt to disrupt the examination or distract another student.

  • Exchanging or in any way supporting, or attempting to support, the passing of information that is related to an examination.

  • Failing to comply with the instructions of the teacher/proctor or other members of the school’s staff responsible for the conduct of the examination.

  • Impersonating another student.

  • Stealing/copying examination papers.

  • Using an unauthorized calculator during an examination.


Disclosing or discussing the content of an examination within 24 hours of the end of the examination with students who have not yet taken the examination.

Distinction between legitimate collaboration and unacceptable collusion or plagiarism

There are occasions when group work is entirely desirable and acceptable. This is legitimate collaboration. In such a case, each student involved should play a distinct part so that it is clearly seen how their contribution differs from that of others in the group. Any written work presented must be individual. One student cannot do the writing for another.


Unacceptable collusion occurs when one student copies from another with their agreement, or when one student does the work for another.

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